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Executive Administration

Do you have a specific task or project you've wanted to work on? With our specialization in C-suite services, including real-time assistance and communications liaison, say goodbye to administrative headaches and hello to a smoother workday.

Team Training & Management

Do you need to develop training and manage a team but lack the time? WorkSpace District is here to help. We can design educational materials, videos, onboarding courses, and workshops to enhance skills, whether for individuals or groups, on a small or large scale.

Information Architecture

At Workspace District, we excel in Information Architecture—strategically planning and designing digital product structures for a user-friendly and efficient experience. Consult with us to elevate your digital workspace.

We also offer bookkeeping and policy development services to enhance your business operations.


Workspace District: Supporting Your Journey, Every Step of the Way.

Real-Time Support

Let us handle the little tasks like processing invoices, reaching out to clients, and scheduling meetings, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Optimize Your Operations

We’ll work closely with you to analyze and streamline your processes, identify inefficiencies, and unlock hidden potential.

Empower Yourself

With Workspace District by your side, thrive with our specialized training programs and improvement strategies and be part of the process of optimization.

Small Business

Workspace District:
Unleash Organizational Excellence

Workspace District:
Unleash Organizational Excellence

Optimize Operations

Streamline processes, identify inefficiencies, and maximize productivity with our expert analysis and optimization strategies.

Empower Your Team

Equip your team with specialized training programs and seamless implementation support, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Unlock Potential

Through comprehensive optimization, goal-setting guidance, and process streamlining. Realize extraordinary results and gain a competitive edge.


Nina Milo

Founder and President of WorkSpace District, Inc:

With over 15+ years of experience, working with various levels of business and learners, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. An organizational enthusiast and specialist with a talent for streamlining and optimizing processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

Holding a Master of Science in Adult Education and Human Resource Development and Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution/Consensus from Florida International University, Nina has built a strong foundation in organization, education, program revitalization, and implementation.

Her expertise lies in developing innovative systems and processes that facilitate quick and seamless access to information for all stakeholders to comfortably interact.

Nina is a dedicated and accomplished professional known for her exceptional communication, collaboration, and implementation skills, vital in connecting team members, partners, and clients.


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What are C-Suite Services?

• Supporting c-suite executives or senior business leaders within an organization or in their personal business endeavors.

• Assuming day-to-day administrative responsibilities, effectively serving as a crucial support system for the executive. This saves the executive valuable time and significantly improves office productivity and efficiency.

• Scheduling personal and business calendars and organizing and scheduling meetings to maximize executives’ time by efficiently managing their schedules. Every second of a busy ceo’s day is precious.

• Acting with discretion, ensuring the executive can trust you with sensitive business matters.